Guess what

2014-02-07 07:50:07 by dumbird

I'm making let's plays now. I've realeased my first one called Let's Play Minecraft Building A City on You Tube. It's really fun and i'm hoping to keep on going for a long time. I'm planning to do one every friday and release them on the weekend. It's probably be epic.

Anyway i'm making some headway into Pokemon Darkness ep 5. I'm starting the script and i'm working something special that you're going to love.

I also got other movie idea i'm hoping to work on after.

See you then


List of projects:

  1. Pokemon Darkness ep 5
  2. Let's Play Minecraft Building A City
  3. A movie involving the blue shell from Mario Kart DS
  4. A stick man Movie.
  5. A possible story involving Hansel and Gretal
  6. Getting my pokemon from my Pokemon saphire to my Pokemon X (this one is a personal one)

Happy Christmas

2013-12-25 02:53:58 by dumbird

Hello people. The current time in england is 6.30 in the morning. My sister wanted everyone to wake up this morning so i have decided to make a news post.

First of all Happy Christmas. It's been a good year. I have made good headway into my series and i hope to keep going.

I have successfuly made somthing called Pokemon Darkness episode 4.1 which is like episode 4 but with extra scenes.

I am glad there are people out there who enjoy my series so far and i hope they will keep watching in the far future.

For now on after every post i'm going to put down a list of projects i'm working on and i'm thinking about doing at the future.

I hope all your day's will be great.

Your regards


List of projects:

  1. Pokemon Darkness ep 5
  2. Final Battle: Mario vs Bowser vs PACMAN!
  3. A new series of lets plays
  4. A possible story involving Hansel and Gretal
  5. Getting my pokemon from my Pokemon saphire to my Pokemon X (this one is a personal one)

I need to stop procrastinating.

2013-11-29 15:09:43 by dumbird

I've finally submitted episode 4 of Pokémon darkness. The reason it took so long make is because I was simply being too lazy. If I was making the movie through the holidays I would have gotten I done by the start of my next course.

I got quite a few project to do next. Like I'm making a small movie at college which I will release on YouTube (yes I got a YouTube account) when I'm done. I also thinking of doing a let's play. I just need a mic which I will get for Christmas.

Also I will be making episode 5 for Pokémon Darkness episode 5 which will be the best one yet. I will be combining my knowledge of movie making gained so far, my sprite making skills which I will get from a few tutorials, and the advice of my friends I made on Newgrounds so far.

I promise you I won't disappoint you with my next episode.

I released episode 3

2013-06-20 08:33:28 by dumbird

Well. I did it i made Pokemon Darkness episode 3. Working on this series give me a lot of joy. But it has only just started. I got a lot of ideas and plans for the future of the series. For example by episode 5 I may make the series more interactive. I can't get started on episode 4 yet though. I got 2 weeks of college left to do but once i'm done with that I will get started.

Just introducing myself

2013-05-20 09:39:53 by dumbird

Hello everyone. I know it's a little late but I thought I should intro myself. I'm Dumbird. I come from the good country of England. I live in a town called Crawley. There's not much to do around where I live so I spend my time on my PC when i'm not at college. I'm currently doing Media at college but next year I'm going to do a IT course. My goal is to make it to university. Maybe 1 in Brighton. I started making animations using flash because I wanted to tell my own stories. I tried writing a book but I'm not that good at describing things through words.

Anyway i'm in the planning stages for Pokemon Darkness ep 3. (I hate the planning stages.)

Please tune in for when it comes out.