Entry #5

Guess what

2014-02-07 07:50:07 by dumbird

I'm making let's plays now. I've realeased my first one called Let's Play Minecraft Building A City on You Tube. It's really fun and i'm hoping to keep on going for a long time. I'm planning to do one every friday and release them on the weekend. It's probably be epic.

Anyway i'm making some headway into Pokemon Darkness ep 5. I'm starting the script and i'm working something special that you're going to love.

I also got other movie idea i'm hoping to work on after.

See you then


List of projects:

  1. Pokemon Darkness ep 5
  2. Let's Play Minecraft Building A City
  3. A movie involving the blue shell from Mario Kart DS
  4. A stick man Movie.
  5. A possible story involving Hansel and Gretal
  6. Getting my pokemon from my Pokemon saphire to my Pokemon X (this one is a personal one)


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2014-02-12 20:30:34

What is percentage on ep.5?

dumbird responds:

currently its around %5 maybe (I don't know) but im planning on finishing it by the end of March.


2014-05-10 11:57:49

when is out ep.5? it's may.

dumbird responds:

Sadly iv'e been working on college so I havnt had much chance to so it. I will complete it eventually though. I promise that